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Our Author Book Readings at Indigo

Last year, we published Alpha-Mania Adventures, which is a read-aloud, play based, pre-reading book series that lays the foundation for children to become strong readers in the future. Over the past week, we’ve given two successful author readings, one at the Indigo in the Eaton Centre, and one at the Indigo in Richmond Hill.

Saturday was a busy day at the Eaton Centre’s Indigo. We were proud of all the youngsters who became expert rhymers after listening and participating in our reading of Book One: Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates. We’d brought along some rhyming badges, which were well earned. It was rewarding to talk with people and parents who had heard of Alpha-Mania Adventures, seen our subway poster, and wanted to know more.

Since it’s March Break, we saw many kids on Wednesday as well. We were delighted by the participation in finishing off the pirate’s sentences and guessing the rhymes. After reading Book One, many families stayed hoping we would read Book Two. How could we say no!

We are very grateful to Indigo for agreeing to host us at their various locations. Our next reading is on Saturday March 25th, at the Indigo in Sherway Gardens. Come join us at 11:00 am for more giveaways and pre-reading fun. We can’t wait!

Visit for more about our book series.

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