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SSAT iconYour child’s SSAT score is an important factor in the admissions process at select, competitive middle and high schools. At RRLS, we understand how these test scores can impact your child’s future.

Our program approaches standardized test preparation in a unique way, by teaching the foundations of SSAT concepts before reviewing and building upon ideas from previous lessons. As a result, students steadily consolidate knowledge and skills needed to improve their scores and strengthen their confidence.

Students begin their preparation with an SSAT simulation exam that mirrors test questions and conditions. After an in-depth analysis of the results, RRLS informs parents and students of where strengths and challenges lie.

The RRLS Advantage

Our experienced teachers have taught in Ontario and international classrooms, as well as individually supported students at many of Toronto’s top private schools.

Each teacher is trained to give students and parents clear success strategies for dealing with the challenges of this very important test.

Our teachers are also active participants in shaping our effective and exclusive preparation material.

Preparing students for the SSAT but also for the demands of an independent school’s curriculum was at the forefront of developing the SSAT course.

1-to-1 Courses for the Middle Level SSAT

1-to-1 Courses for the Middle Level SSAT (grades 5-7)

All SSAT 1-to-1 courses include:

Individualized planning tailored to the individual student’s abilities, skills, and timeline. Planning is based on initial practice tests, parental input, and teacher observation

 Homework assignments that target student challenges and areas for growth

RRLS developed practice materials and supplementary materials (Middle Level Students receive a copy of Rumack’s SSAT Workbook for the Middle Level)

 On-going parental communication and feedback


Comprehensive Program

This program could be done long-term or as an intensive study plan. It provides extended strategy and skill development in each test section. Comprehensive individualized homework is assigned. 

Lesson Hours: 30
 Proctored Practice Tests + Personalized Analyses: 3 (3 hours each)
 RRLS Exclusive Study Guide and Homework Materials: Included
 Interview and Resume Workshop: Included

Total hours: 42


Condensed Program

This program provides skill and strategy development in each test area or in focused areas. Condensed individualized homework is assigned. 

Lesson Hours: 16
 Proctored Practice Tests + Personalized Analyses: 2 (3 hours each)
 RRLS Exclusive Study Guide and Homework Materials: Included
 Interview and Resume Workshop: Not included

Total hours: 22


Overview Course

This course is an overview of strategy and skills needed for each section or focused review in 1 area. Strategic individualized homework is assigned.

Lesson Hours: 10
 Proctored Practice Tests + Personalized Analyses: 2 (3 hours each)
 RRLS Exclusive Study Guide and Homework Materials: Included
 Interview and Resume Workshop: Not included

Total hours: 16

Group Courses for the Middle Level SSAT

Fall Comprehensive Class for the Middle Level SSAT

 Three SSAT simulation exams with written analysis and feedback

30 hours of class covering strategy and content in each area of the test: Math, Verbal, Reading Comprehension

Additional instruction in creative writing techniques

Three-hour Interview and Résumé Workshop

A free copy of the Rumack’s SSAT Workbook, which includes sample and review questions and lessons in new concepts

On-going feedback and parental communication



Rumack's SSAT Study Guide

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Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Workbook for the Middle Level instructs students in the concepts, skills, and strategies necessary for this rigorous test, while previewing academic topics of seventh grade and above. It includes:

 630 pages of lessons and SSAT practice questions

Vocabulary-building lessons

Test strategies specific to each section: Verbal (synonyms and analogies), Reading Comprehension, Quantitative, Writing Sample

17 math sections that teach concepts step-by-step before students tackle test questions

Reading instruction in question types, elements of comprehension, and strategy

Writing instruction in story-arc, developing characters and setting, literary devices, editing

1500+ practice questions

Admission Interview and Resume Writing Workshop

Many schools include interviews as part of the admissions process. RRLS knows that most students will not have had previous experience with interviews, so we have created a unique workshop to familiarize students with the process.

Students learn about effective oral communication and practise answering common interview questions in order to gain confidence in an interview setting.

Writing resumes helps students to reflect on their personal interests, achievements, and experiences, all of which might be talking points in an interview.

The three-hour interview workshop instructs students in the following elements:

Resume writing

Vocabulary/articulate speech

Body language

Asking questions

Sample interview questions

Formal interview practice

Upper Level SSAT (grades 8-11) 

To arrange a private or semi-private class for the Upper Level, or to learn more about our SSAT Preparation Course, contact us today.

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SSAT Prep Course FAQs

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a standardized test designed and administered by, a not-for-profit organization. The SSAT tests a student’s knowledge of language and math through a series of multiple choice questions that lasts roughly three hours. Students can write the SSAT at any time while in Grades 5 through 11, although most write it in Grades 6 or 8. The test is used by many private schools as part of their admission processes to determine whether or not a student will meet their academic demands.
Ruth Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Course is designed to teach students the academic concepts, as well as effective test-taking strategies that are needed to succeed at the SSAT. All aspects of the SSAT are covered in the 42-hour course, including thorough explanation of the Math, Verbal, Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing Sample sections. Our unique approach provides step-by-step instruction for each section, and highlights the individual strategies needed for each part of the SSAT. Our exclusive Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Workbook provides detailed lesson reviews featuring many sample and practice questions.

The Condensed and Overview Programs provide an overview of strategy or more targeted content review.

Given the formal nature and advanced level of the test content, it is essential to invest in expert test preparation. The majority of students at this grade level have never encountered concepts like analogies, algebra, or persuasive writing. Most children in grades 5 through 8 are unfamiliar with the demands of the SSAT and benefit from a familiarization with test content, as well as study and test writing strategies.
Test takers are awarded one point for a correct answer, zero points for questions left blank, and are deducted a ¼ point for each incorrect answer. In this case, guessing wildly at an answer could potentially work against a student, unless they are taught appropriate strategies.
 Topics are targeted to reflect a student’s study timeline and and their current skill level.

Topics can include the following:

Math skills: vocabulary, fractions, decimals, exponents, order of operations, algebra, percentage, ratios, statistics, geometry, tables/graphs, problem solving strategies

Verbal skills: vocabulary building strategies, prefixes, suffixes, root words, analogies, synonyms 

Comprehension: Reading and answering strategies, identifying main ideas, supporting details, inferences, author’s tone

Writing Samples: Upper Level: SSAT essay structure, developing a strong argument, editing and proofreading Upper and Middle Levels: Story arch, literary devices, strong vocabulary, dialogue use.

SSAT Practice Tests: Pre/Mid/Post testing to monitor a student’s progress and provide a realistic example of the test day situation; timely analysis and feedback on test results to pinpoint areas of challenge.

This course is designed for students preparing for the Middle Level or Upper Level SSAT who are currently in Grades 5 through 11. Students who need to prepare for the SSAT will find that our course provides current, detailed and relevant information that is applicable to this test. This course is particularly beneficial for students who are intimidated by standardized tests and are unfamiliar with test-taking strategies.
Students who properly prepare for the SSAT gain new knowledge that can be applied to the test and to future studies. In addition, students develop an arsenal of time-management and test-taking strategies – all very valuable for continued learning.
RRLS SSAT Preparation is available as a group course (1:12 teacher to student ratio), as a semi-private class, or in a 1 to 1 setting. Our unique approach provides step-by-step instruction and highlights the individual strategies required by each section of the SSAT. Our exclusive Rumack’s Preparation Workbook for the Middle Level provides detailed section overviews, featuring many sample and practice questions.
No course can guarantee high scores, nor can high SSAT scores guarantee placement in a particular school, as there are many other factors involved in acceptance. Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Course thoroughly prepares students for the SSAT, which will greatly improve their chances of achieving high scores and being accepted at the school of their choice.
There will be homework and review assigned between lessons. Students are strongly advised to review and complete the homework in order to succeed.
Classes are either two or three hours long, depending on which time of year you join. There will be a short break during each class.
If another group class is available, a student can temporarily join that class if there is space. If not, you can book a private session for an additional cost.
Yes. RRLS will teach privately organized classes at a convenient time and location.
Private sessions and private group classes can be arranged at any time of the year. If you live in Toronto, services are delivered at our downtown office at 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 504. Lessons through Skype are available to students outside of the GTA.
Private, 1 to 1 sessions can be designed for individual students. If your child has particular needs, we can build the lessons around their strengths and challenges.
To get the most from the course, students should arrive on time for every lesson, avoid missing classes whenever possible, review the previous lessons and complete assigned homework. We also encourage parents to look over the material themselves so that they are familiar with the challenges the SSAT presents. Parents can also call in and speak with us at any time.
We offer an interview and resume writing workshop that supports students in their application process. As well, we can refer parents to Educational Consultants who are able to advise parents on the schools best suited for their child’s needs.
Payment is due upon registration. A space cannot be held for your child without full payment.
We do not offer refunds. However, you can use your unused payment as a credit towards any of our programs for up to one year.

Fall Classes

Group SSAT Comprehensive Prep – Fall 2017

September 9, 2017 – November 25, 2017

Days: Saturdays
Time: 11AM – 2PM

IMPORTANT: The first practice test is on Monday, August 28, 12PM – 3PM or scheduled at your own convenience.