SSAT Preparation Courses

SSAT iconYour child’s SSAT score is an important factor in the admissions process at select, competitive middle and high schools. At RRLS, we understand how these test scores can impact your child’s


The RRLS Advantage

Instead of focusing on the typical blanket approach, our program approaches standardized test preparation in a unique way, by teaching the foundations of SSAT concepts before reviewing and building upon ideas from previous lessons. As a result, students steadily consolidate knowledge and skills needed to improve their scores and strengthen their confidence.

Students begin their preparation with an SSAT simulation exam that mirrors test questions and conditions. After an in-depth analysis of the results, our SSAT prep team creates an individualized plan for your child that focuses on:

 An in-depth review of the material on the exam
 Test-taking strategies and tips
 Your child’s unique strengths and challenges


What Sets Us Apart?

Our test prep team all have professorial experience working in schools in Canada. We have years of experience working with many of Toronto’s top private schools.

Each teacher is trained to give students and parents clear success strategies for dealing with the challenges of this very important test.

Our teachers are also active participants in shaping our effective and exclusive preparation material.

Preparing students for the SSAT but also for the demands of an independent school’s curriculum was at the forefront of developing the SSAT course.


1-to-1 Courses for the Middle Level SSAT

1-to-1 Courses for the Middle and Upper Level SSAT

All SSAT 1-to-1 courses include:

Individualized planning tailored to the individual student’s abilities, skills, and timeline. Planning is based on initial practice tests, parental input, and teacher observation

 Homework assignments that target student challenges and areas for growth

RRLS developed practice materials and supplementary materials (Middle Level Students receive a copy of Rumack’s SSAT Workbook for the Middle Level)

 On-going parental communication and feedback


Comprehensive Program

This program could be done long-term or as an intensive study plan. It provides extended strategy and skill development in each test section. Comprehensive individualized homework is assigned. 

Lesson Hours: 30
 Proctored Practice Tests + Personalized Analyses: 3 (3 hours each)
 RRLS Exclusive Study Guide and Homework Materials: Included
 Interview and Resume Workshop: Included

Total hours: 42


Condensed Program

This program provides skill and strategy development in each test area or in focused areas. Condensed individualized homework is assigned. 

Lesson Hours: 16
 Proctored Practice Tests + Personalized Analyses: 2 (3 hours each)
 RRLS Exclusive Study Guide and Homework Materials: Included
 Interview and Resume Workshop: Not included

Total hours: 22


Overview Course

This course is an overview of strategy and skills needed for each section or focused review in 1 area. Strategic individualized homework is assigned.

Lesson Hours: 10
 Proctored Practice Tests + Personalized Analyses: 2 (3 hours each)
 RRLS Exclusive Study Guide and Homework Materials: Included
 Interview and Resume Workshop: Not included

Total hours: 16


Group Courses for the Middle Level SSAT


Overview Group Class for the Middle Level SSAT

12 hours of SSAT preparation covering strategy and content in each area of the test: Math, Verbal, and Reading Comprehension.
A full simulation exam with written analysis and feedback.
A free copy of our Amazon bestseller SSAT study guide.
Additional instruction in creative writing techniques for the writing sample on the exam.



Rumack’s SSAT Study Guide

SSAT study guide

Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Workbook for the Middle Level instructs students in the concepts, skills, and strategies necessary for this rigorous test, while previewing academic topics of seventh grade and above. It includes:

 630 pages of lessons and 1500+ SSAT practice questions
Vocabulary-building lessons
Test strategies specific to each section
17 math sections that teach concepts step-by-step
Writing instruction in story-arc, developing characters and setting, literary devices, editing


Admission Interview and Resume Writing Workshop

Many schools include interviews as part of the admissions process. RRLS knows that most students will not have had previous experience with interviews, so we have created a unique program to familiarize students with the process.


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