Master the Test with RRLS

Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) teachers have years of experience preparing Toronto students to master the SSAT, SAT, and ACT. All classes are customized to suit individual learning styles.

Students face intense pressure to score well on standardized tests like the SSAT, SAT, and ACT. At RRLS, we know that achieving high marks alone will not prepare a student for the rigours of these tests. After almost two decades of preparing students for these tests, RRLS has developed unique teaching strategies to equip them with the tools they need for success. That means students can minimize anxiety and pressure, while maximizing test performance and future opportunities.

The insights and practice that our Standardized Test Preparation courses provide are essential for testing success since they are designed to teach:

Relevant concepts
Study techniques
Practice strategies
Test-taking strategies

Our approach provides students with the opportunity to consolidate and master the required knowledge. As a result, they feel confident in their ability to do well.

Test Prep Classes

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SAT prep in Toronto

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