Kindergarten Readiness Class

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kindergarten readiness torontoKindergarten can be an overwhelming transition for any little one. There are new expectations to follow, new people to meet, and new skills to learn. If a child has practice with some of the routines and skills that will be expected of them in kindergarten, they can begin this new journey with confidence.

This summer, Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space is offering a Kindergarten Readiness program developed and run by student occupational therapists from the University of Toronto. Each session will use play-based activities, song, and movement to engage and motivate each participant.


Program Highlights

Exposure to Kindergarten routines (circle time, clean-up, and activity transitions)
Targeted fine and gross-motor activities necessary for printing and other school tasks
A foundation of social skills through circle time lessons and play-based activities

-Making friends
-Getting to know others
-Manners/Magic words
-Good/bad choices and kindness

A unique skills focus each day to prepare for the kindergarten social environment

-Basic Emotions
-Intro to the Zones of Regulation (created by Leah Kuypers, OT)
-Understanding body reactions and learning to self-regulate
-Turn taking and cooperative play
-Self-esteem and identifying strengths

Daily themes



Upcoming Classes


Location: 25 Imperial Street, Suite 300. Toronto
Dates: Aug. 13 – Aug. 17
Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 10AM – 11AM
Age: Entering Kindergarten
Price: $95.00


Location: 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 504. Toronto
Dates: Aug. 20 – Aug. 24
Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 5PM – 6PM
Age: Entering Kindergarten
Price: $95.00