Educational Highlights of Group Classes


QWERTY  (Grades 3-8)

 Focus on proper typing techniques, accuracy and speed
 Develops fine motor skills and helps dysgraphia/fine motor challenges
 Typing as a form of assistive technology
Kinesthetic and multisensory teaching

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Power Pencils – Printing  (Grades JK-2)

 Develops fine motor skills and helps dysgraphia/fine motor challenges
 Proper pencil grip and letter formation
 Spacing, neatness, efficacy, and eliminating reversals
Kinesthetic and multisensory teaching


Power Pencils – Cursive (Grades 3-6)

 New method of written expression (most schools don’t teach cursive)
 Helps dysgraphia/dyslexia
 Proper letter formation and cursive connections
 Spacing, legibility, and writing fluency
Kinesthetic and multisensory teaching 

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Power Sentences (Grades 1-3)

Parts of speech and types of sentences
Build up to multiple sentences with single topic
Structured program for beginners or remediation
Kinesthetic and multisensory teaching 


Power Paragraphs (Grades 3-6)

Systematic and numerical approach to paragraph writing
Well-constructed sentences, phases of the writing process, strategies to edit writing
Idea generation, organizing and expanding ideas, structuring writing
 Work is handwritten or typed, according to students’ needs


Power Essay – Opinion (Grades 6-9)

 Persuasive essay writing without research
 Concrete, structured strategies and resources for essay writing
 Shared, peer, and independent writing activities
 Active games to plan, organize, write, and perfect a five-paragraph essay


Power Essay – Research (Grades 9-12)

 Builds research skills (scholarly sources, annotated bibliography, note-taking, plagiarism, paraphrasing, APA, MLA, Chicago Style)
 Breaks down the writing process (plan, research, organize, write, and perfect)
 Applicable strategies and resources for future essays


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Lively Little Learners (Ages 4-5)

 Develops phonological awareness and phonics skills
Prepares children for school and reading
 Active and mutisensory teaching
 Art projects exercise fine motor skills, creativity, curiousity, and confidence

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