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Creative Coding teaches programming and storytelling skills through a combination of Direct Instruction, kinesthetic activities, and exploratory play.

Students will learn about the key ingredients of a story while exploring the many possibilities of Scratch 3.0, a programming language for kids created by MIT.

Creative Coding Group Class

Grades 3 to 6

This program was designed for students who want to explore coding and through imaginative storytelling! Students design characters and plan narratives, then animate them by assembling “blocks” to give instructions to the computer. By the end of the class, each student will have created a short animated movie to share with friends and family.

In this ten-hour program, students will:

 Explore the basics of Scratch 3: the interface, blocks, sprites, and backgrounds
 Explore the basics of storytelling: characters, settings, plot, and dialogue
 Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills while completing a creative project
 Collaborate with their classmates and engage in active learning activities

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Creative Coding FAQs

The program is delivered through a combination of Direct Instruction, kinesthetic learning, and exploratory play within the Scratch 3 program.

We have been supporting our one-to-one students with their executive functioning skills for many years, and have perfected a method of teaching these skills that provides students with the support they need while encouraging their independence.

All Power Planners instructors have either B.Ed or M.Ed certification. They have extensive classroom and one-to-one teaching experience and are well trained in the program. All teachers are supervised by the Director of Education.

The Scratch 3.0 program does not include homework.

Our classes have a maximum of ten students, which allows our teachers to provide each student with ample time and attention.

Yes. RRLS will teach privately organized classes at a convenient time and location.