Intro to Assistive Technology

Available to students entering Grades 6+ with or without learning differences.

This program fosters independence in learning by teaching the latest assistive technology products in the market.

Assistive technologies can help students attain academic success, despite challenges in reading, writing, spelling, math, organization, or memory.

This 4-day group program (2 hrs/day) teaches:

Read&Write for Google Chrome™

Read Back Function and Dictation

Google Drive

Built-in AT tools for PC and/or MAC

iPad Apps

Notability (digital binder)
Mod Math (math tool)
Inspiration Maps (mind mapping tool)


Please refer to the 1-to-1 Programming page for in-depth information about our 1-to-1 personalized teaching.

Which Students Benefit Most?

Assistive technologies are designed to support cognitive processing and are particularly beneficial for students who have difficulties receiving, storing and retrieving information.

By accommodating individual learning needs, assistive technologies can help students attain academic success, despite learning challenges involving language and communication, and learning differences or disabilities.

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***This program is being offered based on student interest; contact us to learn more about how to organize a group class.***