Additional Resources for Parents

Resources for parentsTo aid parents in supporting their child’s educational needs, we’ve compiled a list of high quality resources* that includes:

  • Psycho-educational evaluators
  • Educational consultants
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Organizations
  • Web sites
  • Suggested reading

These resources can be used as a starting point for your own research and can help you find support that best fits your child’s needs. To discuss whether a resource is applicable to your student, contact us for assistance.

*Please note that the specialists and resources below are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference.

Psycho-Educational Evaluators

When students struggle to live up to their potential in school, parents, educators, and the students themselves, often want to discover why.
Parents and teachers may suspect a student has a learning issue, but only a psycho-educational evaluation conducted by a professional – like the experts listed below – can result in a clear diagnosis and explain the factors – including cognitive and psychological issues – that could be affecting a child’s academic performance.

Dr. Rachel Greenbaum
114 Maitland Street, Suite 506
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1E1
Telephone: (416) 934-7900

The Clinic on Dupont
Dr. Randy Katz
101 Dupont St.
Toronto, ON  M5R 1V4
Telephone: (416) 515-2649

Dr. Sharon Marcovitch
Registered Psychologist
405-491 Lawrence Ave W.
Toronto, ON, M5M 1C7
Telephone: (416) 780-0909
Fax: (416) 780-9490

New Bridges Child & Adolescent Psychological Services

Dr. Michelle Neufeld
25 Imperial Street, #300
Toronto ON, M5P 1B9
Telephone: (416) 220-1341

Dr. Karen Steele
Psychologist (children 6-18 years old)
25 Imperial Street, Suite 510
Toronto ON, M5P 1B9
Telephone: (416) 322-5868

Dr. Marlene Stern, Ph.D.

118 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 405
Toronto, ON, M4R 2G6
Telephone: (416) 322-6900
Fax: (416) 322-3748

Educational consultants

An educational consultant helps parents and students with educational planning and advocating, and connects them with resources that facilitate the learning process.

Elaine Danson, M.Ed.
25 Imperial Street, Suite 510
Toronto, ON, M5P 1B9
Telephone: (416) 485-1726
Fax: (416) 485-2972

Judy Winberg, M.Ed.

2100 Avenue Road,
Toronto, ON, M5M 4A8
Telephone: (416) 932-1168
Fax: (416) 932-3300

Speech and Language Pathologists

The ability to communicate effectively is essential to achieving academic success. When a student struggles with speech, language, and associated cognitive disorders, their academic performance can suffer. Speech-language pathologists are qualified to help students who struggle with:

  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Articulation
  • Fluency
  • Resonance and cognitive communication disorders (i.e., memory, organization, problem solving)

A speech-language pathologist works with students to discover solutions and coping strategies that allow students to reach their full academic potential.

Speech Therapy Services Toronto

Marsha Wright, M.Sc.
245 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 407
Toronto, ON, M2J 4T1
Telephone: (416) 490-1720
Fax: (416) 490-9159

ADHD Support

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a complex disorder that can cause students to struggle in an academic setting. Professionals at an ADHD clinic can help find strategies that allow students to cope with the disorder and succeed academically.

Springboard Clinic

Dr. Ainslie Gray, M.D.
Laura MacNiven, M.Ed.
1055 Yonge St., Suite 301
Toronto, ON M4W 2L2
Telephone: (416) 901-3077
Fax: (416) 901-3097

Organizations and Web Sites

The following organizations and their associated web sites provide additional information for disorders that commonly impede academic progress. In addition, they may offer strategies for coping and overcoming issues, along with contact information for professionals who can help.

Autism Speaks

Canadian Dyslexia Association

Child Development


LD online

Learning Disabilities Resource Community

Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication

Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

The International Dyslexia Association Ontario Branch –

The Learning Disabilities