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A Year of Assistive Technology

We’ve had a busy year focusing on Assistive Technology here at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS). These technologies are an integral part of our teaching methods so we decided to create awareness and pass on our knowledge.

During our last Assistive Technology workshop, in May, parents and professionals in attendance found it full of valuable information. In fact, they liked it so much we hosted it again on Tuesday night! Even though the Blue Jays were playing at the same time, we still had many moms, dads, teachers and psychologists present. Another success!

Guests were able to gain up to date information about the latest versions and features of various assistive technology applications. Parents have found our workshops to be a very supportive space, in which they can connect with like-minded parents who have the same wishes for their children. Many stayed afterwards to ask Ruth some one-on-one questions.


What is Assistive Technology exactly?

Assistive Technology is a type of technology that helps a student to work around their challenges by playing to their strengths.

This software comes in many forms such as speech recognition applications, text-to-speech tools, audio books, and organizational apps. Assistive Technology tools remove barriers, often present in reading and writing. It makes lessons more accessible for students with and without learning differences

For example, an individual may have difficulties with their fine motor skills, making it hard to hold a pencil. Dictation technology makes it easier for this individual to express themselves; to be a writer without handwriting.

Who benefits most?

Today, everyone is actually using assistive technology, whether it’s Siri on your cell phone or an audiobook in the car. While assistive technology is helpful for everyone, it is particularly beneficial for students who have difficulties receiving, storing and retrieving information. This means that it can be especially helpful to those with ADHD, dyslexia, reading challenges, and/or difficulty with fine motor skills.

Taking the Assistive Technology Workshop on the Road!

If you were unable to attend the workshop on Tuesday, don’t worry! You can now request for Ruth Rumack herself to visit your office to give a free mini-seminar about the latest assistive technologies available. You have the option of a 45 minute or hour and a half session, based on your needs. Lunch and coffee are on us!

We’ve visited multiple educational professionals at their offices and have found our audiences to be engaged and excited to discuss the ways we can work together to help students succeed!

Topics covered in the mini-seminar:

-Organizational Tools
-Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text Tools
-Dictation Tools
-Written Expression Organizational Tools
-Contemporary Audio Book Use

Please contact us for more information about our Assistive Technology offerings.

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