RRLS Gets Results

Gaining confidence and achieving success is exciting and encouraging – for teachers, parents, classmates, and especially for the students themselves.

Read what some of our happy students and parents have to say about our methods below, and contact us to discover how our learning specialists can help your student achieve similar results.


My daughter Maggie has been receiving academic support every Wednesday night since September. Although Maggie had been “holding her own” in math and science in grade 9, the intent for grade 10 was to take a more proactive approach with respect to her knowledge and understanding in these subject areas. I believe that our proactive approach has been surpassed as Maggie has had a very successful year in math and science with thanks to you.A. K., parent of Homework Support & Study Skills student in grade 10
Allison’s Learning Specialist has done a great job with the time she has spent with my daughter and we thank you all for your professionalism and care. My daughter is working hard and is feeling happier about life in general and feels confident that her exams will not be as stressful as last year because of the tools that your service has supplied. We have given your business cards to other parents that are in need of your terrific resources.M. R., parent of Homework Support & Study Skills student in grade 10
Ruth has created an open, encouraging and warm environment that gives a boost to students so that they realize their potential and can overcome anything. When I first sought help from Ruth, I had zero confidence in math and biology and not only did my marks improve tremendously after receiving help but my whole attitude towards the subjects changed. Thank you Ruth, for creating an environment which inspired me to overcome my fears and achieve my potential.H. S., 17 year old Homework Support & Study Skills student from grades 10 through 12
I wanted to write a note of thanks. Even though Emilie’s time receiving academic support was so short, I thought you’d want to know that she brought home an English project with a 90% mark on it and is now writing a play just for the pleasure of creative writing. Thank you so, so very much – you’ve helped to dismantle a dam that I thought was impenetrable!J. G., parent of Homework Support & Study Skills student in grade 12
D’arcy and Dean have improved beyond the expected. It’s working and I thank you! I have recommended you to several friends with kids who are in the same boat.J. W., parent of Homework Support & Study Skills students in grades 7 and 9
My daughter just got the results of her most recent math test which was regarding fractions, and got 96%. She was so excited! She did the best in the class, far better than the average.K. K., parent of Homework Support & Study Skills student in grade 8
We have been so pleased with Alexandra’s progress since she started working with RRLS, and she has had a lot of fun learning with you. You have a very special group there. [Our Educational Psychologist] was extremely pleased with Alexandra’s progress and could tell she had been working very hard. She saw great progress with her numbers, reading, comprehension, and confidence and felt as though she was now at the SK level. Again, thank you so much for this. I had tears of joy at the end of our conversation. Most importantly, Alexandra feels so proud of her accomplishments and looks forward to more learning.J. U., parent of 1 to 1 Learning student in JK
Ari has improved a great deal since the beginning of the year, thanks to you.J. B., parent of 1 to 1 Learning student in grade 6
We’ve always felt that you really care about Jack and his progress. It sets you apart from all others. Truly, we are so grateful and impressed with your commitment to Jack’s progress that we’ve decided to stick with the best out there – that’s you. We are grateful for everything you’ve done for Jack. I can’t say enough good things about your program. Your commitment to Jack, your knowledge around his issues and the way you’ve catered to him is nothing short of exceptional! Jack is happy, his confidence level has been boosted and he really looks forward to each and every session at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space.A. K., parent of 1 to 1 Learning student in grade 2
It was truly a wonderful learning experience with Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space. We appreciated it very much. I extend my special thanks to Ruth and her team who gave great help to David at this early learning age.R. L., parent of 1 to 1 Learning student in grade 1
Ari has benefited incredibly from your work with him. We are very grateful for your mentoring him and putting him on a path of scholastic success. He has come a long way, thanks to you, Ruth.D. B., parent of 1 to 1 Learning student in grade 6
Rachael was so incredibly excited about her math score. The work you are doing with her is really helping.G. L., parent of 1 to 1 Learning student in grade 4
I would like to thank RRLS for guiding me and allowing me to strive in my ACT test prep. The staff and teachers at RRLS were my biggest cheerleaders. RRLS helped me achieve results beyond my dream score!H. A., Standardized Test Prep (ACT) student in grade 12
With your able tutoring, and Jamie’s hard work, he was able to accomplish what I know is very difficult to do – that is, raise a 30 on initial practice tests, to a higher test score. These scores put him firmly in top college territory.Parent of Standardized Test Prep (ACT) student in grade 12