Julia Belan

What do you teach?
I teach reading, writing and math to primary, junior and intermediate students.

Why did you become a teacher?
I have always enjoyed working with children and found it incredibly satisfying helping students to learn and grow. Kids are also incredibly funny and teaching allows you to never have a dull day at work!

How would your students describe you?
They’d probably describe me as funny, patient and caring.

What’s your favourite challenge to help students overcome?
I love seeing students grow their confidence in their own math abilities. There’s nothing more satisfying than to see a student who is afraid of math become someone who confidently takes risks.

What’s your favourite thing about working at RRLS?
I love how open all the staff are to lending advice, a helping hand or just a simple joke to make your day better.

What’s your favourite way to spend an afternoon?
I love biking around and exploring the city, especially on a hot summer day.