Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Support Beyond Tutoring

Students with GAD experience unrealistic fears about daily activities, uncontrollable worries, frequent headaches and stomach aches, low risk-taking, perfectionism, and over-responsibility. This often causes students to avoid certain tasks or assignments and heightened struggles with certain academic subject areas.

Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) helps students manage this learning difference by establishing individualized lesson plans, Direct Instruction, and infusing strategies and techniques to boost confidence and competency in all subject areas.


Common Issues Associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

 Problems in Certain Subjects: Students may struggle in particular subjects which causes further anxiety and be detriment to their learning.

 Assignments and Homework: Students may have difficulties starting and completing homework due to worries about it being good enough or correct.

 Avoidance: Students may avoid things that they perceive they are not good at (i.e. written work, oral presentations, work in a particular subject area, group work, reading tasks).


How We Help Students with Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

 One-to-one Direct Instruction and aligning work with student’s learning needs to boost confidence and competency in any subject area; guidance on starting a new task; and encouragement to see it through completion.

 Infusing applications to help with homework completion goals and how to stick to them.  

 Teaching strategies and techniques for completed avoided tasks by focusing on small steps to overcome and manage any fears in these situations and boost confidence in students’ work.


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