Dyslexia Support Beyond Tutoring

Students with dyslexia experience challenges in reading decoding, reading accuracy, reading fluency, reading comprehension as well as spelling, writing, and math problem solving.

Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) supports students with this learning exceptionality through individualized plans of action and research-based programs, Direct Instruction, and incorporating multisensory and engaging elements into lessons.


Common Issues Associated with Dyslexia

 Decoding: Students may struggle with letter recognition, associating correct sounds with letters, and sounding out words.

 Fluency: Students may find reading stilted, slow and often involving lots of guessing and attempts at memorizing words.

 Reading Comprehension: Students may have difficulties remembering each word that has been broken down and how those words come together to form meaning.

 Spelling: Students may have inconsistent spelling and include omitted letters, reversals or added letters.

 Math Problem Solving: Students may struggle with decoding and understanding math word problems.

 Self-Confidence: Students may experience feelings of frustration towards reading which may result in avoidance, a dislike of school or behaviour challenges at school.


How We Help Students with Dyslexia

 One-to-one Direct Instruction to teach students to systematically decode words using programs such as Reading Mastery or The Wilson Reading System.

 Engaging multisensory learning to reinforce sound and spelling rules learned.

 Using personalized instruction and sound charts or alphabets based on students’ interest.

 Training students on assistive technology to use for dictation, audio books or read aloud and read back features.


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