About 1-to-1 Support

Our 1-to-1 lessons are designed to help students who require Direct Instruction and a systematic approach to the learning process.

Every new RRLS student is matched with a certified teacher according to his or her needs and all lessons are tailored to the student’s individual learning style. Sensory, kinesthetic, and motor activities are an integral part of the learning process at RRLS. To maximize comprehension, teaching sessions are delivered in a private classroom free from noise and distraction.

With strong roots in the city of Toronto, RRLS has become a trusted source of Direct Instruction, remediation, and enrichment for local students enrolled in private and public schools alike.


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1-to-1 Support Highlights

These are some of the features that make our 1-to-1 programming unique and successful:

 Direct Instruction

Programs include Reading Mastery, Wilson Reading System®, Power Writing™, Essay Coach™, Handwriting Without Tears™, and JUMP Math™.

All of our teachers have Orton-Gillingham training, and are well-versed in the methodology of Direct Instruction.

 Kinesthetic and Multisensory

Teachers use dynamic, visual, auditory, and tactile teaching methods that engage all learning styles.

 Academic Remediation

Individualized lessons incorporate multi-modal and multi-sensory learning methods that are not usually found in traditional classrooms.

 Executive Functioning Skills

Students benefit from concrete strategies and tools to strengthen skills such as organization, working memory, and self-monitoring.

 Assistive Technology

We are experts on the latest software and tools thanks to our relationships with assistive technology providers and other professionals in the field.

Instruction is offered in Read&Write for Google Chrome™ and Gold™, Google extensions, Dragon NaturallySpeaking™, Kurzweil 3000™, and built-in tools for Mac, iPad, and PC.

*Training is also available for parents & classroom teachers.

 Keyboarding (Grade 3 and up)

Our QWERTY Kids class teaches correct posture and positioning, efficient typing strokes, and touch-typing strategies to improve accuracy and speed.


Instruction can be provided in English and in French.


Which Students Benefit from 1-to-1 Academic Support?

No matter a student’s needs, our teachers are trained to support them. Our programs are particularly beneficial for students who need help with:

Remediation: The customized and engaging instructional tactics used by RRLS learning specialists are ideal for students with learning differences, including visual/spatial issues and math and language-based learning disabilities, who require explicit instructions and a systematic approach to learning.

Enrichment: Individual support for students who are doing well, but who want to improve or attain a competitive, academic advantage.

Homework support: Enhances the learning experience of all students, including those working to maintain grade-level expectations or reach a higher academic standard.


How Does RRLS Monitor and Communicate Progress?

Regular student progress reports: These reports track progress in relation to established learning goals, outline achievements, and indicate next steps.

Communication & collaboration with classroom teachers: With parents’ permission, we ensure our work is supported in the classroom and vice versa.

The RRLS liaison system: Throughout the year, an RRLS liaison contacts parents to review a student’s development and provides an opportunity to discuss progress.

Testing: A student’s progress is assessed through mastery tests and other informal processes.


Why is RRLS Different?

We’ve incorporated several unique strategies into our teaching that set us apart:

We ensure mastery: A student’s progress is carefully monitored within the Direct Instruction programs through a series of mastery tests.

We work closely with the student, parents, and classroom teachers: We rely on open communication to help our students achieve consistent progress.

We create a personalized approach: To help the student master reading skills, we make the subject memorable and engaging, using multi-sensory teaching tools that enhance student understanding.

We’ve built a team of trained professionals: Learning Specialists who teach our reading programs have exceptional academic qualifications, including B.Eds, M.Eds and Special Education qualifications. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of the Ontario curriculum and extensive teaching experience – particularly in a 1 to 1 setting.

We have 20 years of experience: Over time, we have established strong working relationships with many schools, both public and private, as well as with other educational professionals. This network allows for a deeper understanding of the work demands facing students today and how best to provide support and advocacy.


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