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Academic Support in Toronto

A tutor helps change your mark. A teacher helps change your life.

At Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS), we employ teachers, not tutors.
Teachers who provide individualized lessons that meet each student’s unique learning needs.
Teachers who understand how to help all students, including those with learning differences and other exceptionalities meet their full academic potential.
Teachers who create a warm and engaging atmosphere where students can build confidence while having fun.
Teachers who make a difference.

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More Than Just Tutoring

Certified Teachers with Experience Working with Learning Differences

RRLS teachers are certified and specially trained to work with students of all abilities on a 1 to 1 basis. All of our teachers have extensive experience with a variety of learning differences, and we provide regular professional development to keep our teachers current in the field of special education. They recognize that academic support reaches beyond a student’s scheduled lesson. That’s why they are committed to regularly communicating with parents, classroom teachers, and psychologists, providing written progress reports, and preparing extensively for each lesson.

Individualized Lessons Centered Around High-Quality, Research-Based Programs

We use research-based Direct Instruction programs to remediate and enrich reading, written expression, and math skills. Additionally, we customize lessons to complement each student’s individual strengths and needs. We use pre-teaching, re-teaching, and skill consolidation techniques to support homework and classroom curriculum. All of our lessons involve kinesthetic and creative teaching methods that make learning meaningful, memorable, and fun!

Warm and Engaging 1 to 1 Atmosphere

At RRLS, we strive to deliver personalized and engaging educational support in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Students work 1 to 1 with the same teacher in a distraction-free space, allowing them to build the confidence necessary to take risks and extend their learning.

Our job is to improve our students’ performance, but our passion is to teach effective learning habits that last a lifetime.

How to Get Started

Contact us today at 416-925-1225 and learn how RRLS can foster a lifelong love of learning while improving academic performance.