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Learning to Learn: Helping Students Succeed Academically


Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) offers unique educational support for students in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether your child struggles with a learning difference, or needs additional homework support to succeed at a higher academic level, our goal is to provide him or her with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to achieve academic success. We understand the individuality of learners and the uniqueness of their educational paths. As a result, we’ve created a welcoming, dynamic, and engaging atmosphere that encourages students to have fun while discovering their full academic potential.

Our reputation for offering caring, student-centered educational support is built on our high-quality, research-based programs, our experienced, trained and certified teachers, and our warm, inviting 1 to 1 classroom settings.

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Experienced, Trained, and Certified Teachers

RRLS teachers are certified and specially trained to work with students on a 1 to 1 basis. Not only are they knowledgeable about learning differences, our teachers are dedicated to the goal of positively influencing young minds and guiding students through their education, helping them to achieve success at the highest level. They recognize that academic support reaches beyond a student’s scheduled lesson. That’s why they are committed to regularly communicating with parents and classroom teachers, providing written progress reports, and preparing extensively for each lesson.

High-Quality, Research-based Programs

Although we provide homework support for all students, RRLS specializes in working with children who have learning differences. Our customized programs are built around creative and kinesthetic teaching methods to achieve results in reading, math, language, and organizational skills. Our holistic approach involves collaborating with classroom teachers, parents, and the children’s psychologists to help students dramatically change their lives.

Warm, Inviting 1 to 1 Classroom Settings

We use research-based Direct Instruction programs to remediate and enrich reading, written expression, and math skills. Additionally, we customize lessons to complement each student’s individual strengths and needs. We use pre-teaching, re-teaching, and skill consolidation techniques to support homework and classroom curriculum.

The Ruth Rumack Learning Space Experience:

At RRLS, we strive to deliver personalized and engaging educational support in a warm and creative atmosphere.

Our job is to improve our students’ performance, but our passion is to teach effective learning habits that last a lifetime.

How to Get Started

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